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My wife Janice and I bought a house in Mont Tremblant in 2015 and it needed some serious renovations/repairs at that time. We were fortunate to find Jean Francois Prévost who took the time to co-ordinate what we needed done. Unfortunately we subsequently had a fire and the house was destroyed. There was never any doubt we would rebuild or for that matter who would do the building. Construction Panache was in the lead from the demolition of the burned house, site clean up, design of the new house, construction and co-ordinating the various subcontractors. All the work, done by everyone involved was first class. We now have a very comfortable home that is greatly enhanced from the house that burned. All the upgrades that were done have made this home, by far, the greatest that we have ever lived in.
Everyone involved has been a pleasure to know, accomodating, knowledgeable, and profficent. Without any reservations my wife and I whole heartedly endorse and recommend Jean Francois and Construction Panache for any and all building needs.


- Rick & Janice S.

Dear Julie,

It is with pleasure that I gladly share our experience with Construction Panache.

We had a complicated site, we had to renovate, transform, create and completely re-decorate a house on a Canadian scale, and that with a very tight deadline.

The Panache team is very attentive and the skills of the various contributors are quite remarkable, we were piloting the project from Europe which was not in our habits.

The work was done on time, no problems, no bad surprises,

and a relaxed atmosphere.

Many French construction companies should be inspired by the seriousness and talent of their cousins in Quebec!


- Pierre N.

Bonjour Jean-François:
Just wanted to send you a further notice of thanks and appreciation for the excellent work performed by you and your team of carpenters pertaining to the demolition and construction of a new deck.
You took my brief sketch of a deck design and turned it into reality.
I found your construction knowledge, experience, professionalism, quality of work, site cleanliness and scheduling of job completion to be first class.
All the best. Regards,

- Ron L.

Our experience with Construction Panache in Mont Tremblant:
We are in the Ottawa area and we own a condo in Mont Tremblant region for several years. Our condo was in need of renovations and we were unable to monitor the work. Construction Panache acted as a general contractor overseeing the demolition, plumbing, electrical and finishing. All work was done according to prior agreements and within established time. After our inspection, their post-service work acted immediately and made a few necessary corrections. We only have to congratulate ourselves for choosing the team Construction Panache and we recommend them without restriction.

- Michael & Line

Dear Jean Francois:
I am very pleased to write this letter to confirm my complete satisfaction in working with you and your team in order to complete the renovation of our country home. The entire process of developing the design of the addition with Douglas Dawson, our architect, in conjunction with you, acting as our contractor, was seamless and very smooth. Given that we were not able to supervise the work on a regular basis, trust was very important to us. Your team executed and performed exactly as you said you would. When there was a small error and every project has issues, it was immediately addressed and rectified.
I absolutely intend to employ the Construction Panache team in the future. Thank you for creating a beautiful home for us in the Valdurn community. I would be pleased to elaborate further on your services with any client with whom you are discussing a project.

- Jane & Michael E.

In the summer of 2013, we have retained the firm Construction Panache to perform various tasks in our home siding. We were extremely impressed by the professionalism shown by the business owner, Jean-François Prévost and his team and that throughout the process. Evaluation of work until completion thereof. The end result is beyond our expectations and everything was completed within agreed budgets and deadlines. A first for us…

- François C.

Working with JF and his A-Team was not only a fun experience, it was a very successful one on all fronts!
Not only are JF and his Construction Panache A- team highly qualified, professional and efficient, they also proved to be very open-minded and innovative - always willing to explore solutions - which are core elements to any successful creation. You can trust JF to get the job well done, on time, on budget, and truly, best of all, JF is not a "build and run" builder. JF and his A-team of carefully picked trades people all stand behind their work with integrity and provide excellent customer support afterwards. Can’t say enough good things about the experience… Makes us think, how could we build something else with Panache just to continue the fun.

- KB & Glen

Knowing that there exists a team of builders behind you when imagining homes for discerning clients is a comforting thought. I have had the luxury and honor to have benefitted from this comfort for some years know. Construction Panache is my confirmation that what I do can actually be done without compromise and with respect. The leadership shown through Jean Francois in his ability to organize, encourage, accommodate and guide lays out the groundwork for a standard of craftsmanship that I am perpetually in awe of.
Happy is as happy does. So is the case with this group. Construction Panache makes my life better. It also makes my clients life better!

- Doug D.

When we started designing our home in Nominingue, our architect, Douglas Dawson, suggested we consider Jean-François Prévost as our contractor. After meeting with J-F, we felt he understood both our esthetic and financial criteria. As work progressed, we found that we worked well as an «Architect-Contractor-Owner» team. Whenever design or cost issues arose, J-F was quick to work with both Douglas and ourselves to resolve them, to everyone’s satisfaction.
We are extremely pleased with our new home, which was completed within the time frame and «user-friendly» budget estimate provided by J-F. In addition, JF remains involved in any post-construction additions that we require.
In closing, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jean-François to any prospective client.

- Linda H. & J. Abracen

Listening to people, it would seem that building a house can often become a nightmare. That certainly wasn’t our experience! Working with Jean- François was a real pleasure; thanks to his professionalism, his openness, his ability to listen, his availability and his willingness to collaborate, we have a house that meets our needs and our lifestyle, combining comfort and esthetics. Of course, you have to have good financial backing to be able to deal with the unexpected (and there is always the unexpected!), but the work progressed in a way that was proactive and problem-solving, and which achieved fine results. Our thanks to Jean-Francois and his whole team!

- Lorraine & Jean

We hired Construction Panache for our new office and, within a tight schedule, they managed to build us a beautiful office that represents to perfection our company and our vision, while being functional for the team. Great project, well above our expectations.

- Dominique L.

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