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About Us

Building a design home can be a major project, but Construction Panache makes a point of working with the same attention to detail and the same level of respect for projects of all kinds. There's never any compromise on quality, no matter what the budget. All our achievements are built to last, in terms of both style and solidity.


We work in the Mont-Tremblant region and the Laurentians. Because this area is highly valued by tourists and overseas investors, we have developed a particular ability to work with an international clientele.. Contact us for your construction project!

Construction Panache - Mont-Tremblant -

An experienced, reliable team for your construction projects


Construction Panache has acquired years of experience. Our team shares a common objective: to respect your vision, your budget and your calendar. We work to create your house, your living environment, and our efforts are worthy of your hopes and aspirations. Construction panache is a highly regarded builder.

Construction Panache - Mont-Tremblant -


Construction Panache is a general contractor that works with transparency. You are, in our view, much more than a client. You are a partner with whom we have the privilege of working in true collaboration. We share the information with you and we provide you with frequent updates. Our invoices are detailed and complete, to meet your expectations.



Construction project management is our specialty. We ensure strict control of every stage, all components and all participants in the construction of your house. We not only take care of the construction, but also make sure that everything is done in a timely manner that respects your budget. Construction Panache relies on its attention to detail to achieve exactly what you envision.

Construction Panache - Mont-Tremblant -

Create the house of your dreams.
Tell us about your project today.

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